Mining the Past  | SUZANNE METZEL
      In her series, Mining the Past, Suzanne Metzel draws from a collection of family letters which date back to the 1700's. A condolence letter written to the daughter of a childhood friend and fellow Civil War soldier reveals as much about the character of the author as it does about the deceased. A beautifully penned letter after a chance meeting starts a long distance courtship lasting 8 years. A small child writes to an absent sick mother instinctively knowing that she must be “a good girl.”  Suzanne Metzel’s series of carefully crafted color photographs offers a rare and intimate look into the character of those who came before her.

The Void She Left Behind  |  BOB TANNER
      After his wife, Faigie died in 2016, Bob Tanner somehow realized that photography would be instrumental in enabling him to continue his life without her. At first, he walked near his home and along the lake. As days became weeks and months, he began to see subjects that he knew could become pictures that would articulate his deep feeling of loss. Five months after Faigie’s death, Bob took a road trip to Montreal, Faigie's birthplace; to the Catskills, home of friends; and finally to Detroit, his birthplace and brother’s home. His camera was with him almost every day and in every location. He photographed almost without editing, finding pictures where he had never pointed a lens before.
      In January of 2017, Bob flew to San Diego, home to Faigie’s brother and his wife.There he photographed in various locations ranging from their backyard to the Pacific shore.  During that winter, he feverishly began to edit, process and create work prints. The knowledge he had gained from creating his prints during the previous autumn seemed to guide his photography. Bob states that “Somehow, without being able to articulate it consciously and verbally, I knew what I was seeking.”
      The emotionally-charged images in this exhibit, titled “The Void She Left Behind,” were created from photographs Bob made in a number of locations. According to Bob, “They speak of the void I feel since Faigie died. They explain no specific event, nor exact feeling, just the loss I have felt since she is no longer here. It is now 17 months and in that span of time, four of our friends have also died. They too, left a void in those who enjoyed their companionship and loved them.”

Also Showing Work: Katsy Johnson and Verna Todd 

The exhibition will be on display December 6-31, 2017. An opening reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, December 9, 5-7 p.m. An artist talk/discussion is scheduled for Thursday, December 28 at 7 p.m. All events are free and open to the public.

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